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Danis Soy&More uses highly-treated oilseeds and protein sources including soybeans, horsebeans, linseed and rapeseed. A specific hydro-thermal treatment ensures a valorization of these raw materials, rich in both protein and fat, ideally optimized for use in high-quality pig, cattle and poultry feeds.

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With production sites both in Belgium and the Netherlands, Danis Soy&More strives to become a reliable provider of valorized raw materials for the European compound feed industry.

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Danis’ high quality alternative for Formaldehyde for production of bypass protein sources’

High yielding cattle require high demands on available proteins for milk production. This protein has to be provided through the ration. So-called bypass protein sources are used for this purpose, protecting the protein from degradation in the rumen

There are different ways to produce bypass protein sources. The European Union has forbidden the use of formaldehyde for this purpose as from July 2023 in EU regulation 2022/1104.

Danis Soy&More offers a complete range of protein and energy sources for ruminant feeds. A unique patented production process protects the protein from degradation in the rumen. During controlled toasting, this is achieved by adding natural sugars. This process is applied to various raw materials such as soybean meal (Proxysoy), full-fat soybeans (Soypreme), rapeseed meal (Proxyrap) and field beans (Vicia Faba Proxy).

Various in vivo (in-sacco), in-vitro and field trials demonstrate a high-quality product, with stable high resistance and digestibility values, which is considered to be a full and sustainable alternative to formaldehyde-treated protein products.

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